Shop’s Noir is an online International marketplace dedicated to giving the growing black owned African, Caribbean business community a place to create their own online store to showcase their products and services to the worldwide community. There will be a mixture of traditional and non-traditional items for sale by artisan producers.

Noir Business Limited is the parent company of Shops’ Noir and was founded in 2014 because it was felt that the African, Caribbean business community was no longer visible on the high streets of the UK. We started championing the idea of a “Buy Black Business Weekender” supported by our first retail initiative “The Black British Business Expo” in 2014 which was repeated in 2015. In that year we also hosted our first Noir Business Seminar.

Noir Business felt it was time to open a shop front and therefore Shops’ Noir was formed.

You must be over 18 years or have permission from a responsible adult either a parent or guardian. We welcome all communities to have a look at what Shops’ Noir have to offer, you may just be amazed.


Running your own business can be extremely rewarding but with it comes many challenges, and sometimes setbacks that you must overcome to be in with a chance to achieve long term success.

What many business owners struggle with is finding suitable outlets in which to showcase the products or service to a wider audience to generate sales.

You may have a website, but driving traffic to it requires a significant amount of time and investment, on your part, in search engine optimisation, with no guarantees of success. Or worse still you may not have a web presence at all.

This is where we can help!

At Shops’ Noir our mission is to create and roll out new initiatives that will educate, encourage, empower and enhance the profiles of the many talented but all too often “invisible” entrepreneurs within our community as well as to the wider general public.

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