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  • Devon

    Product images that are square work best around the site and for sharing on social media. Portrait images are also good but try to avoid landscape images. Any images with a width bigger then 500px will be automatically cropped by the site, the full image is available when the magnify glass symbol is clicked. This is more notable with landscape images.

    Square – image height and width are equal
    Portrait – image is higher than it is wide
    Landscape – image is wider than it is high

    Need Help?

    Upload your image as normal to your product, if your not happy with how the image has been cropped, send me a private message or email [email protected] and will get the image fixed for you. If you don’t want the product seen by customers until it has been fixed remember to save the product as a draft.

    If you have created a product but can not upload a image, you can send your images to [email protected]. If your images are to big for one email, you can send them to [email protected] using sendspace, mailbigfile, wetransfer or a free file transfer service of your choice.

    When contacting us please tell us your username, name of your shop and the product you want help with.

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