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    When you have received a customer order you will need to go to Orders from the ‘My Shops’ menu tab. Here you can see all the information you’ll need to complete your customers order.

    Shops' Noir Customer Orders - view order details -1

    View Order Details

    Select ‘View Order Details’ to see Customers billing/shipping address, order items and any notes left by the customer.

    Shops' Noir Customer Orders -2

    Shipping Label

    Select ‘Shipping Label’ to generate a printable label with the customers shipping address as the ‘Ship To:‘ address and your store address as the ‘From:’ address. Please note the address the item is shipped from is based on the details provided on your store settings page.

    Shops' Noir Customer Orders - Shipping label -2

    Order Notes

    Select ‘Order Notes’ to send the customers any notification you deem necessary, for example a update if the delivery is delayed or to ask for feedback once the order is complete.

    Shops' Noir Customer Orders - Order Notes -2

    Tracking Details

    Select ‘Tracking Details’ to let the customer know who their item is being shipped with, provide a tracking number and the date the item was shipped.

    Shops' Noir Customer Orders - Tracking Details - 2

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