Google shopping list: How to create, Share, Use, Add items and Organize

Google shopping list: How to create, Share, Use, Add items and Organize: Google shopping list is a unique feature When it comes to shopping. And with Google’s shopping list feature, creating, sharing, using, adding items and organizing the shopping list has become even easier. So in this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at Google’s shopping list feature and now we will discuss how to create this google shopping list and how we can share the created shopping list with each other! How do we use it!

We will discuss everything in detail how we will add new items and organize them in a better way and explore how you can use it to streamline your shopping experience.

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What is Google Shopping List?

The google shopping list concept is pretty simple but very effective. Google Shopping List is a feature of google that allows you to create and manage a list of items you need to buy. Google shopping list really plays an important role in shopping. When we go to the market we might forget to buy some items out of the many items during shopping, this problem is eliminated by Google Shopping List.

Here we can make a shopping list of what we will do shopping at home and if we don’t go to the market, we can create that list and send it to anyone who will do the shopping So in this case we don’t have to keep anything in mind while buying anything. Because in this case all the things are in the google list and every time one thing is bought it can be ticked so that we understand in real-time that that thing has been bought. So this is an important contribution of google shopping list.

Also we can access the shopping list on any device that is logged into Google account, including your smartphone, tablet, or computer. The list is synced in real-time, so any changes you make to the list on one device will be reflected on all other devices.

Name of the productGoogle shopping list
PurposeList creation
ActivityReal time
Add people featureYes
Accessible by Sign in to google
can I share Google shopping list

How to Create a Google Shopping List

Creating a shopping list on Google is simple and straightforward. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Open Google Shopping List

First, go to Google Shopping List. You can access it by typing “Google Shopping List” into the search bar or by going directly to Also you can open google shopping list via saying “OK GOOGLE” open Google Shopping List.

Step 2: Sign in to your Google Account

If you don’t signed in to your google account then you can’t access Google Shopping List feature. So you have to sign in to your Google account to use Google Shopping List and after that you can create list and its related features. You can use any Google account you have for the signing process.

Step 3: Create a New List in Google Shopping List

Once you’re signed in,

  • You’ll see a plus button and you can click it
  • Otherwise you can also slide the window from left to right and you can see “New list.” Click on it to get started.
  • After clicking to “New list”, you have to name the list
  • After typing the name, you have to click on “Create
  • The new google shopping list is created now

Step 4: Add Items to Your List

Now you can start adding items to your google shopping list. The process is also very simple.

  1. To add an item, simply type it into the search bar and you can also see a plus icon beside “Add item”
  2. Now write the name of your item you want to buy.
  3. Hit “Enter”
  4. You can see the added item in your “Google shopping list
  5. This way you can add new items to your “Google shopping list

Step 5: Organize Your Google shopping List

To organize your list, you can take several steps. Organizing the Google shopping list means sorting all the items we have added after they have been purchased or not. That is, if we have added fifteen items to the Google shopping list, in that case, after purchasing each item, when we tick the check boxes of those items, a line will go through the middle of those items, which means that those items we have already bought so this is an important feature. From here we can understand which items are left to buy now and which items we have already bought. This way we can organize our items through google shopping list.

Step 6: Share Your List

You can also share your Google shopping list. If you want to share your list with someone else, you can do some steps.

  1. To share the google shopping list, you have to add people by clicking on “Add people” icon.
  2. You have to put the email address of other people whom you want to share the google shopping list.
  3. After adding the email address/people, the added people are able to access your list.

How to Use Google Shopping List

Now that you know how to create a shopping list on Google, let’s explore how you can use it to streamline your shopping experience.

Google shopping list

Add Items as You Think of Them

One of the best things about Google Shopping List is that you can add items to your list as you think of them. Whether you’re at home, at work, or on the go, you can quickly and easily add an item to your list without having to worry about forgetting it later.

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Sync Across Devices

Another great feature of Google Shopping List is that it syncs across all your devices. So if you add an item to your list on your smartphone, you can access it on your computer or tablet as well. This means you can always stay on top of your shopping list, no matter where you are.

Organize Your List

Google Shopping List allows you to organize your list in any way you like. You can sort your items by name, quantity, or category, or you can arrange them manually. This can help you stay focused and organized while you’re shopping.

Share Your List

If you’re shopping with someone else, you can share your shopping list with them through email or a link. This can be especially helpful if you’re splitting the shopping list with a partner or friend.

Check Items Off as You Shop

As you shop, you can check off items on your list to keep track of what you’ve already purchased. This can help you avoid accidentally buying the same item.

FAQ about Google shopping list

How to shopping list online?

You can use Google shopping list and its an online tools of google where you can add, remove any item easily for enhancing the shopping experience. So you never forget any item while shopping

Where can I find google shopping list app?

If you only want to add shopping list items then you can use Google shopping list which is very simple to use and you can access it by typing Google Shopping list in Chrome But if you want to wish to use a google’s app from play store for listing your items then you can use Google Keep-Notes and Lists.

How to use google shopping list shortcut?

You can access Google shopping list app via google chrome. Now for smartphone, you can click 3 dots on the upper right side. A new menu will open. Now you have to select “Add to Home screen”. The shortcut version of google shopping list will show on your smartphone’s home screen.

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