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Baby Semone – Newborn Baby Doll


Newborn Baby Doll, Pink outfit including her own blanket and hat. Vinyl body. Can sustain rough and tumble play.

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Newborn Baby doll with dummy and blanket
Baby Semone is a Newborn Baby Doll. Her body is smooth and soft to touch. She wears a pink-wollen dress that compliment her pink blanket and matching pink shoes and a pink hat to keep her head warm.
Dummy for decoration only


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My name is Monica Smith, I am a teacher by profession and the founder of Just Like Me Toys.

I started Just Like Me Toys after I struggled to find a black a doll for my niece’s fifth birthday in 2013.  Having experienced this same plight thirty years previously when I looked for a doll for my own children in the UK, I was disappointed at the getting the same result thirty years later.  It was this result that led me to carry out my own research in the manufacturing and selling of black dolls.  I that black dolls were being made but in limited numbers due to the lack of demand or the belief that ‘black dolls don’t sell’ syndrome.  I also found other people like myself in the US and Africa were equally concerned about the poor choice, not to mention poor quality dolls that were available to us. With this information in hand I decided to investigated the quality of the dolls that were available on the internet and the very few that were available on the high streets by buying samples.  I contacted manufacturers in the US, China and Europe to purchased samples.  Through this process, I discovered that better quality dolls were being made by reputable doll manufacturers. Why were they not in our shops?  Further investigations revealed that retailers in 2014, in many cases thought that there wasn’t a market for black dolls, and so they did not stock them.  My search for quality, reputable doll maker, led me to manufacturers who produced quality dolls, that were beautifully crafted to reflect positive images of African people, representing our facial features and skin-tones.

I felt that these dolls needed to be seen in order to be appreciated.

Black Dolls needed visibility!

With this in mind, I established Just Like Me Toys in October 2014 to test the marketability of black dolls.  This proved to be a success, as people loved what was presented to them, in both appearance, quality and packaging.

At Just Like Me Toys we have dolls that commissioned by us and the manufacturers own designs.

We offer retail and wholesale services.