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Natural Whitening Toothpaste


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Natural Whitening Toothpaste with Activated Toothpaste, Myrrh, Organic coconut oil & Peppermint

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Activated Carbon Whiteningl Toothpaste 60ml

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The Activated Charcoal particles within our toothpaste gentle remove plaque and stains whilst polishing your teeth and adsorbing bacteria and other harmful substances, removes stains and restores your natural whiteness, neutralises odours in your mouth leaving your breath fresher and teeth whiter for a brighter smile.
The Coconut Oil in this product helps with toothache using the ancient method of oil pulling, and eliminates toxins from the mouth.
The Myrrh ingredient fights to combat gum disease as well as strengthening the gums.
The Peppermint leaves a pleasant after taste in the mouth and fresh breath.

100% No Fluoride

100% Gluten free

100% Vegan

100% Natural

This is an organic coconut oil based product and must be kept in a cool environment.
At temperture it will become liquid, to set back to a solid put in fridge for 15mins then keep it cool place.
The product can still be used as a liquid or solid


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“Fit4aKiing is a family-run, plant-based lifestyle brand that seeks to promote a Vegan lifestyle.

As our family grew, we began to realise that what we ate would directly affect our children’s development – there are seven of them, after all! Noticing how few outlets could supply the kind of foods and products we felt comfortable using for our kids, we decided to take our Vegan lifestyle to the next level.

Our challenge was to create a dining experience and products that drew on our cultural heritage, our love of food and cooking, and an extensive knowledge of natural skin treatments with centuries-old proven beneficial effects.

Taking on that challenge, we recreated a full range of family favourite dishes using alkaline foods instead of the unhealthy ingredients found in traditional ‘Soul Food’, at the same time balancing health and flavour, and being both Vegan and Gluten-Free.

Whether you choose an evening Dining Experience, or you’d like to try our natural skin-care products, you can do so confident that you can always ‘Live clean and go green!’ with Fit4aKiing.

Daniel and Jerelle Kiing

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